Medical Center

The Sandee Sibbald Medical Center is located next to the Burt Township Office Building in Grand Marais. The township leases the facility to medical care providers to allow residents local office visits. Chiropractic, family health, and dental services may be available through the clinic.

medical center

Munising Memorial Physicians

Call (906) 387-4338 for an appointment.

Dylan Koenig, PA-C comes from Bay Care Medical one day a month. (All appointments are made through Bay Care Medical)

Munising Memorial Hospital / Bay Care Medical
1500 Sand Point Rd
Munising, MI 49862

PEAK Chiropractic

Ted Pietila, D.C.
(906) 273-1158

Chiropractic Care
Functional Wellness/Nutrition
Kinesiology Testing
Manual Muscle Release/Manual Muscle Activation
Sports Nutrition, Performance, and Rehab
Kinesiology Taping

Foot Care

Julie Deisenroth
(906) 202-0269