May 2, 2023 Election

May 2, 2023 Election

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Added: 4.6.23

Marquette-Alger RESA brings Special Education Millage to May 2 Ballot 

Marquette, Mich., April 5, 2023 – A Special Education Millage will be on the ballot in Marquette and Alger counties for the May 2, 2023 election. The 20-year Special Education Millage Proposal, if approved, will cost the average homeowner in Marquette and Alger counties 42¢ per day, based on a home value of $200,000. 

By law, local districts in Michigan are required to provide students with disabilities with a “free appropriate public education” (FAPE) from birth to age 26. Right now, these special education services in the school districts of Marquette and Alger counties are underfunded by about $5 million each year, forcing school districts to use general fund dollars to cover the difference. Overall, this reduces resources and programs available for all students. 

If approved, this millage would bring in approximately $4.8 million per year earmarked for special education services, which would greatly reduce the strain on the general operating fund budgets that are currently being used to cover the shortfall. 

The general operating fund dollars that would be freed up could be invested in such areas as mental health supports, extracurricular activities, school safety, advanced placement programs, improved learning environments, and facilities that are used by both students and the community. Each district would get to decide how to utilize their saved general operating funds if the millage passes.  

Marquette-Alger Regional Educational Service Agency (Marquette-Alger RESA), as the intermediate school district (ISD) for all local schools in our region, is the only entity that can legally bring this millage to the ballot on behalf of the schools in our area. If the millage passes, all tax dollars collected will flow through the RESA to the local school districts. None of the funding will stay at Marquette-Alger RESA. 

Voting will take place in-person on Election Day, May 2, 2023, from 7:00 a.m. until 8:00 p.m., or by absentee ballot through Election Day.

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About Marquette-Alger RESA 

Marquette-Alger RESA serves as the intermediate school district (ISD) for twelve (12) public school districts and one (1) public school academy in Marquette and Alger counties, Michigan. Marquette-Alger RESA works together with administrators and educators in the local schools, acting as one team to serve our children. Marquette-Alger RESA provides services and supports in areas such as special education, Career and Technical Education, early childhood education, and professional development.

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