Supervisor Report – December 11, 2018

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1. At the Alger County Regional Government Meeting, officials from across the county gathered to hear updates and share ideas regarding vacation rental safety. Joe Cilc said, when you take a single family home and turn it into a rental, you’ve got a certain number of bedrooms you’re allowed by the health department. He went on to talk about needing to ensure the septic systems are built properly to handle the number of renters in a home, as well as, escape windows in all bedrooms- according to the building code. Egress windows are those large enough, and designed for, emergency escapes. Additional requirements: Smoke detectors in every unit, and bathrooms for each floor. Fire safety concerns include “wall coverings, curtains, there’s a smoke density test that needs to be met, same with furniture.” He feels, “there should be a permit required, so that we can review these things. Overall, officials agreed that the whole county should be on the same page.
2. H-58 on the eastside of Grand Marais, beginning at Ellen Street and going 1.3 miles east will finally get taken care of in 2023. The Alger County Road Commission approved this agenda at their November board meeting.
3. Burt Township Board has been asked again to publish the cost of a full time deputy in Grand Marais. The total costs with fringe benefits. Blue Cross/Blue Shield etc… is $74,466.67, this quote comes directly from Alger County Sheriff’s department. Cost would be 1.5 mil for full time, or 1 mil for half-time. Each mil brings in $55,000. The cost to all tax payers would be $1.50 per $1,000 of your property tax. If your home is worth $150,000 it would cost you $150 a year. For the police protection to be placed on the ballot, any citizen can pick up a petition at the Burt Township Office. You will need 12 signatures from registered voters and present it to the Burt Township Board to be voted on in August, 2019 .
4. Starting January 8, 2019, a new class will be starting called “Lite Weights”. Leisa Dixon will be teaching this class at the Community Center on Tuesday at 9:30 and Thursday at 10:00. You will be using weights from 1-5lbs. If you have your own weights ,please bring them. Each class will run about 40 minutes and you work at your own ability. Everyone welcome! There will be no cost!!!
5. I would like to wish everyone a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

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