Supervisor Report – August 13, 2019

August 14, 2019 | Categorized in:

1. How we plan to keep our ambulance service in Grand Marais.
Our ambulance core people have sacrificed a lot of time to fill the ambulance schedule this month and the last several months. If you run into an ambulance member personally thank them for keeping our ambulance service going for as long as they have.
After meeting with Alger county officials we are putting together a plan to combine Burt Township Ambulance with Alger EMS. Burt Township core members will fill the monthly schedule as best they can. Alger EMS will pick up any remaining days that we can’t fill in our schedule. In November, Alger County will ask for millage increase, which is very necessary, as Alger EMS will need more personnel to cover us in Burt Township.
I want to thank Burt Township ambulance members, Alger county EMS, Alger County officials and Bob Hughes for putting together a plan to keep ambulance services in Grand Marais.

Marina Bathhouse is making progress. The title has been placed in the showers, walls have been painted, electrical is in, septic will be in this week. We are hoping the project will be completed by the end of August.

I’d like to thank everyone that voted in our August 16th primary election. Renewal of general operating millage of the Harbor passed 105 Yes / 44 No. Renewal of the general operations millage passed 107 yes/ 43 No. Thanks, Burt Township for all your support.

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