Supervisor Report – October 9, 2018

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1. After discussion, I’ve decided against asking MDOT and Michigan State Police to conduct a speed study on the M-77 hill coming into town. I was informed that once a speed study is requested, MDOT and Michigan State Police would look at ALL measures of safety. This could result in NOT allowing ANY PARKING on M-77 in the downtown area. We certainly DON’T want that to happen.

2. Burt Township Board has been asked to figure out the cost of a full-time deputy in Grand Marais.

Full-Time Wages

Base Pay (Per Union Contract):  $39,748.80

13 Holidays x 8 Hours =              104 Hours

    104 Hours x $19.37 =               $2,014.48


                Total Wages =               $41,763.28

            Fringe Benefits =               $16,003.69
Blue Cross/Blue Shield =               $11,000.00
                      Overtime =                $2,500.00
                              Fuel =                $3,200.00

                     Total Cost =               $74,466.97


*Quote without patrol car, deputy gear, and office space

Halftime deputy would be around $37,233.48.

One mil would generate about $50,000
Full-time would be 1.5 mil

Half-time would be 1mil

3. Mark your calendars for October 27th at 5PM! The women’s club will be sponsoring the Annual Harvest Dinner. Bring a dish to pass.

4. November 3rd from 10AM-3PM the Women’s Club is hosting the Holiday Bazaar. All kinds of treasures, gifts, crafts, and wonderful luncheon put on by the senior class.

5. Burt Township special events calendar will be available in the Township Office at the begging of every month.

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