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Public Works, Water & Sewer

Burt Township Public Works sign

Michael L. Beek, DPW Manager
DPW Manger:  Michael L. Beek (Mike)
DPW Phone:    (906) 494-2411

Contact the Department of Public Works

Burt Township Water Department sign

Dept. Manager:  Mike Beek
Administrator: Jack Hubbard
Billing Clerk: Kay Wampler

Contact the Water Department

Schedule water installs, repairs, turn ons, turn offs ~ (906) 494-2381
Please call to schedule at least 2 days in advance
Water Dept. hours are 7:00 am - 3:00 pm Monday through Friday

Water Emergencies (water main breaks, large leaks)  dial 9-1-1
Our Water Dept. Crew is on call 24 hours a day for emergencies.

2012 Water Rates

Residential......................................$40.50 per month
Commercial.....................................$60.75 per month (minimum)*

* Commercial Rates vary - for a complete list of rates, contact the Township Office.

Burt Township has a type one municipal water system.  Municipal Water is available to most businesses and residences in the "Grand Marais" village limits.  A monthly fee is assessed for "ready to use" service.  The current base rate for "ready to use" service is $40.50 per month.  A breakdown of fees is available in the amended Burt Township Water Ordinance.  Monthly water payments are due the first of every month.

The Township employs two water operators who are responsible for maintenance of the ground water system, a water billing clerk who sends out payment books, invoices, statements and receives payments, and a water administrator who oversees operation of the department.  

Water is not metered and users are charged a flat rate based on classification. Owners of motels and restaurants pay more than the flat commercial rate because they use more water.  The school also pays more than the flat commercial rate.  There is an amended table in the Burt Township Water Ordinance that explains the breakdown.


If you are selling your property, please make sure you fill out and send in the Water Customer Change Form.  You will continue to be billed IF we do not get notification of change.  Also, if you have a renter in your home who is suppose to pay the water bill, make sure you check on it periodically - the owner of record is ultimately responsible for the payment of the water and it can be put on the property tax bill as a lien for collection if in arrears.

Water Customer Add/Change Form

2011 Annual Water Quality Report

EMERGENCY SHUT-OFFS - When it is necessary to turn off water to parts of the township, residents in the affected area will be contacted by phone, in person, or by written notice.  If at all possible, the Township Water Dept. manager will schedule water system improvements, repairs or maintenance that involve turning off water to some residents during times when it will least effect the consumers.  There are public water spigots available for use by all township residents at all times - one is located between the library and the youth center at the Community Center building.

The Pumphouse by the DPW building pumps the water up to the storage facility.  (above)

This is the generator that keeps things running when the power goes out.
 (below more pictures of the Township Water Pumphouse)


Sanitary Sewer System

Feasibility Study
Ultimate Service Study 2005

STS Consultants, Mike Pond P.E.

Feasibility Study Presentation
Done October 27, 2005 at Burt Township Community Center